It is always surprising how many companies make an offer to an employee at the senior level without having an understanding of what type of organisation and culture they want to be part of. Many stretch their budget on the total package to more than was anticipated.

The package and overall agreement / contract is perfect; however, the potential hire is still not agreeing to join you.

You may be asking what they don’t understand and what you are able to do differently, the answer is typically they do not understand you as well as they believe they should.

They need to understand your company, the values, culture and also not only your current plans but also future plans (for both your business and for them!)

The difference between a good and great executive search company is not only their ability to fully map the market and identify talent but also is being able to convey you and your company to the appropriate client through a deep understanding of your business.

When you eventually have this part of the process right and the candidate accepts, you may actually breathe a sigh of relief and believe the hard work is done and the individual will soon be (figuratively) walking through the door.

Experienced consultants will know that there is also a need to manage the notice period and make sure they start with you and you should expect guidance from your executive search partner to make sure that the ideal candidate starts with you.

This part of the process is not only giving them information on you as a business but also making sure that they have culturally made that leap to you by taking them (and possibly a spouse) for a meal or coffee, therefore finding out what they are interested in first-hand and cementing a bond.

Until they start with you and especially at the senior level they always have a choice, therefore this cultural engagement is vital.


Successful recruitment and retention are about so much more than tempting people with money and titles. Furthermore, we are not driven by trying to make sure that the candidate starts on a higher salary / package, we are driven by you and your success - therefore want to be sure that there is a cultural fit with you.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our executive search / headhunting consultants to discuss how best to present your company and its culture to your future hires.

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