Does anyone come out of them inspired and engaged knowing what is expected of them?

The Board and Management often dislike doing them, feeling it is better to follow a standard template rather than raise difficult performance issues, while employees can often feel disempowered to actually say what they want to get off their chest.

At their worst, appraisals can end up being less about the staff and their performance at work, and more about the personalities of bosses.

Instead of this top-down approach, when staff can often feel disconnected. Employees really need to leave review meetings with new impetus – where they know what they need to do, and what great performance looks like.

The appraisal needs to be integrated with broader performance management measurements, with a constant review over the year as well as allowing staff to express how they are feeling as well as their aspirations.

There is potential for a company's appraisal process to have a substantial affirmative outcome on all concerned. 

In our experience through prospective candidate meetings conducting a search / headhunting process, the better appraisals set a path for future development, as well as encouragement to employees, achieve their objectives.

Overall, we understand the board always need to know how their talent is performing, however there is also the need to create real engagement within the business to allow employees to flourish.

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