In our pursuit to leave no stone unturned to find the very best executive talent or market knowledge for our client’s requirements, our process is research-led. Allied to this we work with our extensive Wyman Bain partners and collate other sources of information to produce exceptional results. Our dedicated team of industry-leading Research Consultants work on only one project at a time, allowing them to dedicate their skill, knowledge, time and full attention to your assignment.

The Wyman Bain insight allows us to meticulously evaluate candidates' fitness, both objectively and subjectively for your organisation. The blend of detailed market mapping, proactive attraction and full assessment enables us to secure the individuals who can help drive your business and fulfil your aims and objectives.

Each assignment follows a rigorous process has the following stages –

  1. Insight - Week 1
    Gaining a clear insight into the client's business and the role -  Assignment Initiation.
  2. Specification - Week 1-2
    Agreement of specification. This is the working brief we construct in partnership with our client to be used as the basis for the search. This is used to identify the market of suitable organisations and candidates.
  3. Market Transparency - Week 3
    Submission of target companies. Identification of candidates using research techniques, directly dissecting companies and creating 'real-time internal insight' and developing the market intelligence through direct conversations, networking, innovative research techniques as well as working with Wyman Bain's global partners. At any point, you have a chance to audit this process before approach.
  4. Targeted Approach - Week 4-6
    We directly approach the targeted individual identified through Research and arrange a confidential specialist consultant interview to meet with the candidate and discuss our client’s opportunity.
  5. Confidential Consultant Interviews & Selection - Week 6-7
    Confidential consultant interviews, including Wyman Bain assessments of candidate suitability. Furthermore, distilling down to an agreeable shortlist- specifically candidates who have had a confidential meeting, are keen to take the opportunity forward and fully meet the brief/specification (both objectively and subjectively).
  6. Shortlist - Week 7/8
    Presentation of a shortlist and first stage meetings arranged with the best individuals/talent who objectively and subjectively are right as well as meet your brief. We complete with a full interview synopsis, salary advice and comprehensive insight (from the consultant and candidate).

We provide direction and supervision at all stages post shortlist, including the management and content of interviews. This is an experienced, collaborative approach at all stages - We help you at every step of the process post shortlist: 1st stage, 2nd stage meetings and beyond to make sure that the candidate you want is the person that starts with you.

This process is fully managed post interviews to the offer/accept, contract management, the potential counteroffer to managing the notice period right up to the result - the executive hire.

Our mission is to ensure and deliver a tangible result for our client and make sure that the exceptional candidate the client wants is the same person that’s successfully hired.

The whole process is open, visible, transparent and completely auditable with the change through our developed technology to seek true insight with regard to the status and progress of your project/assignment at any stage.

We offer our clients access to their entire pipeline with innovative real-time reporting, data and analytics.

Furthermore, through our innovative systems, we are able to manage the entire process of all assignments from inception through to completion. We support our clients right through the entire employment journey and ensure the right candidates help make the largest impact for our clients.

We include optional psychometrics with fully qualified members of staff, typically at second interview (see Executive Assessment).

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    Wyman Bain are a client focused Executive Search and Executive professional services firm.

    By focusing on our client’s values and business strategy, we are committed to bringing the highest calibre of individual to each search – Our service includes everything from a traditional process to a far more targeted source right through to a more up-to-date market intelligence.

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