There is much talk at the moment about the future of work and the future roles the next generation is looking to move into. Although we work at the senior, executive level this is a very interesting subject for many of our clients.

As can be seen in a number of publications from the Financial Times, Huffington Post, to the Economist, automation and computers will be powerful enough to analyse and compare reams of data to make financial decisions or medical ones. There will be less of a chance of fraud or misdiagnosis, and the process will be more efficient. Automation and mechanisation of standard process cannot cease.

For example, many people decry inescapable growth and increasing impact of social media, however, it is now so ingrained in society that no one will be able to put that particular genie back in the bottle.

If an organisation or company does not take advantage of what is available, others will use such knowledge to gain a competitive advantage and therefore we must adopt it. Eventually, new technology start-ups and other business will take over from those who have not evolved – as can be seen in the retail sector (traditional chains and the online arena) as well as the shift to more cost-effective renewables.

Interestingly enough many (including the publications listed) see that there is still time to react to change as the pace is sure to move far too slowly to cause a major catastrophe.

The obvious next revolution seems to be self-driving cars and general driverless automation. Therefore, long-haul truck drivers and those who drive Taxi’s - will they find a place in the new economy with re-education, once self-driving vehicles become prevalent?

Like any major shift in business and wider society, there are likely to be winners and losers.

We can all agree that having a purpose in life is important for the stability not only of a corporate company but also for society.

Due to its importance, this is therefore always going to be a vitally important and very interesting area of discussion.

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